Suzy Moritz Rawdin
Figurative painting
Chama River
Blue bonnet road Florence Villa
Pet Portrait
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Creative expression has a natural place in Suzy Moritz-Rawdin’s life.   As a native Texan, she remembers well the influence, lessons and tutelage of her mother, Flo Cammack, an award-winning artist.    Suzy formally studied commercial art at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.  After pursuing a career in business and with encouragement and support from husband, Scott and family, she decided to make her life-long passion for the arts a full time occupation.  Suzy is a representational, impressionistic painter and sketch artist.  Her wall murals, lively personal pet portraits, landscapes and house portraits are found in many homes and businesses throughout the United States.  

Since 2005, Suzy has continued her artistic journey at Creative Arts Center in Dallas, Texas and has studied under renowned, Texas artists, Kathleen Dello Stritto and Elizabeth Locke.  Suzy spends summers mastering the art of painting the dazzling effects of New Mexico’s light and its corresponding shadows from the spectacular and inspiring landscapes of Georgia O’Keeffe Country to the magical town of Taos and its surrounding vistas and magnificent sunsets. 

Suzy is a member of Studio Art and Soul, a studio of painters in The Cedars, Dallas, Texas.   She is represented by “It’s All Good!”,  an artistic outlet in the Lakewood Area of Dallas,  Lam Le Home, Inwood Village, Dallas, Texas and Rising, A Gallery for designers and artists in Dallas’ Knox-Henderson neighborhood.

Contact Suzy through her website,, or by phone at 214-906-6982.