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About Karen

I've always had a creative spirit and an appreciation for all forms of art. So, in 1995 I opened a fine art/fine craft gallery in Dallas, Texas. But I realized that I was living through the artists I represented and should be studying to paint, myself. 

I bought my first set of oil paints, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cad Yellow, Cad Red plus a tube of white and a tube of ivory black and began developing as a painter. I painted on a regular weekly schedule.  Teaching myself to paint by attempting to copy the works of the old masters.  Although, I was satisfied with my painting, I knew I was lacking technique. 

Kathleen Dello Stritto came into my life when I signed up to take an oil painting class.  Kathleen’s understanding and teaching methods were invaluable in helping me turn a painting into a piece of art. Kathleen continues to be my mentor as well as my peer and I have continued to study with other artist that I respect. Such as life drawing with Ellen Soderquist and the teaching method of the old masters from Elizabeth Locke.

Composition, color, light and shadow are probably the most important parts of a painting.  With that, I strive to develop my painting so that it is a story, a story that the viewer feels that he or she has been a part of.

The inspiration for my paintings comes from everyday life.  I try to interpret the colors and casual life of the Caribbean, New Mexico and Southern California.  As well, the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of Italy inspire me.

In May of 2008, I formed a studio with 10 other artists. This has helped me to realize and further my craft as a profession. It is my workplace.

I am still struggling with technique and color and I am challenged with the use of light and shadow. So I continue to take classes and workshops from artists that I respect. That with the support of my peers has been the strength that helps me to continue improving my craft as a painter.

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"Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very
difficult when you do”—Edgar Degas